GoogleTreeFabLabs are busy this time of year. You will see of a lot of strange faces sitting at the FabLab tables, struggling with Adobe Illlustrator or AutoCAD. Yes, these are architecture or design students, struggling to get their school projects finished for the end of the first semester. They do not come to a FabLab because they are passionate about making, but just because it is cheaper than paying a company to laser cut their panels. Fine by me, but the thing that really bothers me is that they are not willing to learn how to use the software and the machines of the FabLab properly. On top of that, they think that because they have a deadline that was yesterday, all of the machine time should be dedicated only to their project. Damn you, if I would have seen you even just once during the year trying to learn how to operate the machines, I would even help you to finish your project. But now, I’ll just write a blog post and look angry.

Ok, enough rambling for today. Let’s design some Christmas gifts!

FYI: The Christmas tree image is based on the google Christmas tree. I made a vector drawing out of it in Inkscape. Here is the link to the svg file.




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