The Viking Game – Part 2

In my previous post, I showed some renders of the game I designed. During the weekend, I went to the FabLab and cut the files on the laser cutter to evaluate my design choices and tolerances. The thing that I was most unsure of was the hinges and the closing mechanism.

For the first iteration of my design, I was very pleased with the results. The virtual 3D assembly in Rhino really helped me to catch the obvious mistakes that I made.

IMG_5004  IMG_5002

 IMG_4993  IMG_4999

The hinges work very well and they do not even need glue for the assembly. I did however needed to cut away some of the back panel near the hinge to allow the lid to be opened completely.

IMG_4996 IMG_4998

The closing mechanism worked, but my tolerances were off. I designed the cutout in the lid 13.5mm and the protrusion on the sidepanel 15mm. A difference of 1.5mm is apparently too large, so the mechanism did not work until I made the cutout slightly larger with a sharp knife and now it works perfectly. I can even turn the box upside down without the lid opening. However, I doubt that this mechanism will keep on working after 100 opening and closing cycles, especially in the soft MDF that I used. I think actual triplex would make this much more durable.


I will adapt my design files and try to cut the box again for verification, probably next Saturday. In the meantime, watch the movie of the final results and the laser cutting.

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