Quick 3D Scan of myself

Last week, I tried out the examples in the Kinect Developer browser toolkit. It seems that there are a couple of other software tool options for 3D scanning. I tried out Skanect which worked very well, but it doesn’t allow you to save the models if you use the free version. 130$ is a bit steep for fooling around with a Kinect sensor.

Luckily, there is another tool available: ReconstructMe. It worked great out of the box and got a very decent 3D scan of myself. My girlfriend stepped in to help point the Kinect scanner, while I was slowly rotating on a rotating bar stool. The scan just missed a small part on top of my head and there was a hole under my chin. But nothing that could not be fixed with a little mesh editing.

2016-01-17 23_18_21-Autodesk Meshmixer - testpp.stl 2016-01-17 23_15_02-Autodesk Meshmixer - me.stl

After exporting the STL-file, I opened up 123D Make, which is a very nice program for automatically creating laser cut plans from 3D objects. You can load a 3D model, decide how large your object needs to be and enter your laser cut material properties. Then it offers different construction techniques that will create a different effect. I chose radial slices for 2mm MDF to create a model with a height of 20cm.

2016-01-17 23_13_03-Autodesk 123D Make_ me.stl_  2016-01-17 23_13_18-Autodesk 123D Make_ me.stl_

You can download my STL and the laser cut plans below or on my Thingiverse account:

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