Thingiverse is a great online platform, where makers can upload their design files and share them with others. I will try to upload all the designs that I post about on my blog on my Thingiverse page.

Some of my popular designs are listed below:


The Beatles Coasters

I designed these coasters as a Christmas present for a colleague of my girlfriend. There are 6 coasters with a drum-shaped holder. Each coaster consists of an engraved layer of cork glued on a layer of 3mm MDF. Cork is quite expensive, but you can get cheap cork placemats in Ikea that make great coasters.

IMG_2288_preview_featured IMG_2289_preview_featured



I love the game Carcasonne, but it is rather expensive if you want to buy all the expansion packs. For a maker, this is just a bunch of square blocks with an image printed on. If you have access to a laser cutter, you can cut your own Carcassonne. You can even think about an expansion pack yourself and use my design files as a starting point.


Flexible wooden tie

In my post about flexible wood patterns, I explain how to use a line pattern to make MDF flexible. I used this method to design a flexible wooden tie.

photo_2_preview_featured photo_preview_featured

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